Orphan Benefits

The number of children who lose both parents is few. But when it does happen, their guardians must provide for the children in their care physically, emotionally and spiritually. To help ease the financial support required, KJZT Family Life provides a monthly payment of $75 to the legally appointed guardian, for support of each eligible orphan.

To be eligible for this benefit, each child must be less than 19 years old and be insured by a KJZT Family Life certificate. At least one of the parents must also be insured by KJZT Family Life at the time of their death.

Benefit payments can continue until age 23 if the child attends college or vocational/technical school fulltime. Each child may also be eligible for up to $1,500 each year in educational grants, based on financial need, not to exceed a maximum of $6,000 over a 4-year period.

KJZT Orphan Benefits
  • Available to Member children losing both parents

  • $75 paid monthly to legally appointed guardian for each eligible child

  • Certain other restrictions apply – contact for more information

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