Pam Strickland Appointed President/CEO

The Board of Directors of Catholic Family Fraternal of Texas – K.J.Z.T. is pleased to announce the appointment of Pam Strickland as President/CEO, effective October 23, 2018. Before recently serving as Interim President/CEO, Mrs. Strickland served as Vice President/Insurance Services for over 10 years.

Mrs. Strickland began her career with Catholic Family Fraternal of Texas – K.J.Z.T. in March 1996 as the Assistant to the State Financial Secretary. She grew with the company, holding essential positions within the State Office, including Assistant State Financial Secretary, and State Financial Secretary. She has extensive experience in management, communication, sales, and customer services. She enjoys creating and maintaining relationships with members while providing them with exceptional customer service.

During her 22-year career with Catholic Family Fraternal of Texas – K.J.Z.T., Mrs. Strickland has attended American Fraternal Alliance Annual Meetings, and she has served on the board of the Fraternal Alliance of Texas. She, along with other Fraternal executives, has met with the Insurances Commissioner of the Texas Department of insurance and participated in Join Hands Day at the State Capitol to convey the message of the importance of Fraternals in an effort to protect our tax-exempt status. While serving as VP/Insurance Services, she collaborated with actuaries in product development, and completed annual training for the administration of annuities and Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA). She was instrumental in the conversion of our administrative software and strives to automate information and provide prompt courteous service to all members. She continues to find ways to make processes and communication with other departments more efficient. her expertise in the Fraternal insurance industry provides a great opportunity to take the organization into the future.

Pam holds a General Lines Agent License with the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) and has earned a Fraternal Insurance Counselor designation. She, along with her husband, Scott, and their daughters Briana (27) and Allyssa (23) are 100% family members of Society No. 37, Hochheim.

Mrs. Strickland has been devoted to this Fraternal for over two decades. She is excited to take this next step in leading the Fraternal, and she is looking forward to taking on the responsibility of honoring our legacy.

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