It’s Official! KJZT Family Life

For years we have served you as Catholic Family Fraternal of Texas – K.J.Z.T. We are delighted to announce that on January 31, 2019, we are officially known as KJZT Family Life. While our name has changed, our focus on our members and faith remain the same.

Our commitment to our members is still our highest priority. We will continue to provide you with excellent customer service and deliver an exceptional member experience.

Our current structure will operate as usual. Your department contacts, as well as, our location, email addresses, phone/fax numbers and website address will remain the same. This rebranding will not affect or delay any current or future business with the Fraternal. However, all of our invoicing, packaging, and related documents will be rebranded.

We promise to continuously pursue our core values by enriching our members’ lives spiritually and financially. We want to thank our members for their continued support and confidence in our new journey as KJZT Family Life.

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