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Whole Life

Whole Life Insurance provides exactly what the name implies, life insurance benefit for your entire life.  Coverage remains level and guaranteed (subject to required premiums paid) all the way to age 100. KJZT Family Life Whole Life plan members that live past age 100, receive a check for the full death benefit if premiums have remained current.

Term Life

Term insurance is the most popular coverage on the market and offers high face amounts, low premiums, coverage for when you need it. KJZT offers term life insurance options and whether it is for 10, 20 or even 30 years, coverage is guaranteed from day one.

Specialty Plans

Senior Life

KJZT Senior Life is whole life cash-value coverage for individuals age 50 through 80. Relaxed underwriting means there are no medical exams or specimens involved! A simple application determines if you are qualified or not. While it is not a guaranteed-issue plan, you can be approved even if you have health issues that may complicate a regular life insurance plan.


Individual Retirement Annuity Plans

An Individual Retirement Annuity Plan is similar to an IRA except that it must involve an annuity and is not actively managed. Individual retirement annuities have the same contribution limits, tax advantages, and catch-up provisions as an individual retirement account (IRA). They must be issued in the owner's name, and only the annuity owner or their surviving beneficiaries are eligible to receive benefits from the contract.

Tax Deferred Annuities

Are you looking to enhance your retirement portfolio?  KJZT offers Tax Deferred Annuities.  While our annuities offer highly competitive returns, your investment also helps fund the programs and services that make KJZT so beneficial to our societies throughout the State of Texas.

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