Welcome to KJZT Family Life!  We are a Fraternal Benefit Society that continues to support the Catholic traditions of our founders, with Faith and service at the heart of our offerings.  With the revenues generated through the sale of life insurance products and annuities, we enhance the lives of our membership and the communities in which they reside through the development of numerous benefits and service projects.  We encourage you to review our site to learn more about KJZT Family Life and look forward to helping you on your journey to financial security.

Join Thousands of Texans Protecting and Nurturing Communities Now.

Protecting families and nurturing communities has sustained our fraternal benefit society since 1894.
In today’s world, these beliefs are just as important as ever.

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Strength through Service

Texas-based KJZT Family Life is a not-for-profit 501(c)8 organization.  We generate revenue through the sale of life insurance and annuities. These earnings are returned to the member/policy owners in the form of competitive premiums and a broad range of Member Benefits.  While smaller than the well-known life insurance companies filling today’s media, we are financially strong with more than $150 M in assets. 

When you buy a policy or annuity through KJZT, you join a powerful organization committed to improving the quality of life of our members and the communities we call home.

The Purpose of the Fraternal

The purpose of KJZT Family Life, a Fraternal Benefit Society, is to promote the moral, social, educational, and religious culture of its members; to foster Christian virtue in their families; to provide materially for its members.


KJZT Family Life is committed to strengthening its members lives through Catholic faith and community service while offering financial security and a social connection.

KJZT Family Life is visible, active, well-known and respected throughout Texas. As a leader in promoting faith, community service and financial security, KJZT enriches lives through educational scholarships, assists in humanitarian and disaster relief, offers fraternal benefits, and supports family values. KJZT promotes its benefits and service to others through all forms of media to ensure membership growth.

KJZT Family Life offers members exceptional benefits through competitive life insurance, products, professional counseling and quality services.  KJZT will continue to embrace the vision of its founders by focusing on the financial and spiritual welfare of its Fraternal and its members.

As of 12/31/2022

Admitted Assets: $165,037,620

Liabilities and Policy Reserves: $143,245,282

Gross Surplus: $23,792,336

Insurance in Force: $132,926,037

Our Board of Directors is the deciding body of the Fraternal in the interval between Conventions. The Board of Directors is comprised of seven State Directors and the President/CEO. The State Directors are elected every four years at our Regular General Convention. These individuals represent different areas of Texas, each with unique backgrounds and can serve a total of 16 years.

Catherine Sylvester, President/CEO – email

Kathy Wishert, Lead Director – email

Joyce Kurtz – email

Betty Vacek – email

Joy Kovar – email

Edith Strieder – email

Stephanie Matous – email

Helen Metzer – email




KJZT Community News

Covering topics that affect our members and our communities.

KJZT Catholic School Tuition Benefit

KJZT Family Life supports Catholic Schools and believes that all children should have access to a Catholic education. To aid in this, KJZT Family Life has developed a Catholic School Tuition Benefit for KJZT members who attend Catholic Schools. This is an annual benefit that will provide 100 grants of $125 each to students attending Catholic Schools.

KJZT Family Fun Day 2023

KJZT Family Fun Day at Splashway Waterpark in Sheridan is back! We will have 10 a.m. Mass with KJZT State Chaplain Father Jared Cooke. Door prizes and fellowship following. KJZT gets a discounted ticket rate so come join us! RSVP to the State Office at 1-888-253-2338 by May 26, 2023!

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