Members Benefits

Death Benefits

We understand the tragedy of losing a child and/or mother. To help relieve some of the financial burden, a $1,500 death benefit will be paid when a new mother dies within 30 days of giving birth, or when a baby dies less than 60 days after birth.

To honor the sanctity of life, this benefit is also extended to the family if the child is stillborn anytime after 20 weeks of gestation. Voluntary or therapeutic terminations of pregnancies are not eligible for this benefit.

To qualify for this benefit, at least one parent, and the next youngest living child not declined for insurance (if any) must be a CFFT – K.J.Z.T. member for at least 30 days prior to the birth of the child.

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Life Insurance for the Mentally or Physically Challenged Child

If your special uninsurable child is between 61 days and 16 years of age, he or she may qualify for a CFFT – K.J.Z.T. $2,500 whole life insurance plan at a rated premium.

To qualify for this benefit, at least one parent and the youngest living child not declined for insurance (if any) must be a CFFT – K.J.Z.T. member for at least 60 days prior to the original application for insurance on your special needs child.

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Guaranteed Insurability for Newborns

Life Insurance is easily available for your healthy child. But if your newborn is not in perfect health, CFFT – K.J.Z.T. will offer a fraternal benefit that can help meet your need. We will provide a $5,000 whole life certificate at standard rates for your uninsurable or rated baby.

An application for insurance in a regularly issued amount must be completed and the first full premium paid before the child attains the age of 59 days. If the application is declined or rated, the special insurance will take effect when the child reaches the age of 60 days. (Any overpayment of premium will be refunded)

To qualify for this benefit, at least one parent and the youngest living child not declined for insurance (if any) must be a CFFT – K.J.Z.T. member for at least 30 days prior to the birth of the child.

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Orphan Benefits

This is our commitment to our Member children who have lost both of their parents.

Fortunately, the number of children who lose both parents are few. But when it does happen, their guardians must provide for the children in their care physically, emotionally and spiritually. To help ease the financial support required, CFFT – K.J.Z.T. provides a monthly payment of $75 to the legally appointed guardian, for support of each eligible orphan.

To be eligible for this benefit, each child must be less than 19 years old and be insured by a CFFT – K.J.Z.T. certificate. At least one of the parents must also be insured by CFFT – K.J.Z.T. at the time of their death.

The guardian of each eligible orphaned child will continue to receive benefit payments until the first of the following occurs: the child reaches age 19, graduates from high school, enters military service, marries, discontinues CFFT – K.J.Z.T. insurance or no longer attends school.

Benefit payments can continue until age 23 if the child attends college or vocational/technical school full-time. Each child may also be eligible for up to $1,500 each year in educational grants, based on financial need, not to exceed a maximum of $6,000 over a 4-year period.

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Clerical Endowment Fund supports seminarians in Texas dioceses

The K.J.Z.T. Clerical Endowment Fund was established in 1966 with the Memorial Burse for Monsignor I.J. Valenta, who had been the State Chaplain of the K.J.Z.T. until his death.

The CEF is a fund consisting of voluntary donations from our members, societies and others. The purpose of the fund is to benefit those studying for the priesthood. The total amount of the donations are presented to the Bishops of the Dioceses as indicated by the donors.

Our State Chaplain offers Masses for both the donors and enrollees of the CEF. A gift of an Annual or Perpetual Enrollment in the Clerical Endowment Fund, instead of a material gift, expresses thoughtfulness to a friend or loved one on a special occasion, time of need or remembrance through its spiritual benefits. Acknowledgement of the donation will be sent to the enrollee or their family members unless indicated otherwise.

Holy Sacrifice of the Mass will be offered each month for the living or deceased persons enrolled as well as for the living and deceased benefactors. The Masses will be offered by the State Chaplain of the K.J.Z.T. (or another priest requested by the State Chaplain) with Ecclesiastical Approval.

Cost of Annual Enrollment is $1 per individual and $2 per couple or two individuals. Offerings of more than $2 are accepted. Cost of Perpetual Enrollment is $25 per individual, $50 per couple or two individuals, $50 per family living in one household or $100 per Society.

Annual Enrollment Form

Perpetual Enrollment Form

Fraternal Charity: The cost of maintaining and supervision of the CEF is paid by the Catholic Family Fraternal of Texas – K.J.Z.T. This expense is allocated to the Fraternal's Charities Program.

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The K.J.Z.T. Cookbook – Sharing Our Best

Compiled from family recipes handed down through generations of Catholic Family Fraternal of Texas - K.J.Z.T. members, Sharing Our Best makes a great gift, or just buy one for yourself! With over 450 pages of recipes, this cookbook has it all.

All of the proceeds from the sale of the cookbook go to fund all K.J.Z.T. Junior Division activities, including Summer Camp. Cookbooks are just $15.00 (includes shipping and handling). To order, contact the State Office or a junior member near you!

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Scholarships available to junior members

Scholarships are available to high school graduates who are planning to attend college or current college students. The fraternal also offers scholarships to members who are planning to attend or are currently attending a technical or vocational school full-time.

Members who are active participants in the Catholic Family Fraternal of Texas Junior Division and its programs of activities sponsored by an officially registered society can apply for additional scholarships each year for up to three years after the initial year has been completed.

To be eligible for a scholarship, an applicant must be a member in good standing for at least one year.

A one-time scholarship from the K.J.Z.T. Memorial Scholarship Fund is awarded to members who are not active in the K.J.Z.T. society registered Junior Division and its programs.

Scholarship amounts are determined by the Board of Directors on the basis of qualifications adopted by the Board of Directors.

Immediate family members of the Board of Directors and State Officers are eligible for the Pavlu Memorial Scholarship, K.J.Z.T. Memorial Scholarship and K.J.Z.T. General Scholarship.

However, they will not be eligible for the K.J.Z.T. scholarship from the Junior Expense Account.

Members that are seniors in high school may also qualify for a scholarship offered by the Fraternal Alliance of Texas.

Applications for Scholarships will be available November 1st.

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Memorial Donations

Donations made in memory of a deceased loved one or for birthdays or anniversaries is composed for the K.J.Z.T. Memorial Scholarship Fund. Acknowledgement of the donation will be sent to the enrollee or their family members unless indicated otherwise as well as published in the bi-monthly Fraternal Journal. Any amount is accepted. This is an ongoing fund and the money donated is depleted every year.

The Fraternal shall award scholarships annually from the K.J.Z.T. Memorial Scholarship Fund. This scholarship is given to non-active juniors and can only be received once.

The Board of Directors authorizes the scholarship amounts and selects the recipients on the basis of qualifications and criteria adopted by the Board of Directors.

Print the below form and mail with any monetary donation to the State Office.

Memorial Scholarship Donation Form

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Camp Guardian Angel is held mid-summer for junior members age 7 thru High School age. Junior members are supervised by our Junior Directors and other adult counselors. There is an orientation to get familiar with the campsite and activities in which they can participate. This year over 100 junior members participated in spiritual and fun activities such as daily Holy Mass, swimming, lake activities, low and high ropes, blobbing, canoeing, hayrides, crafts, dancing and a lot of other exciting and fun activities. The juniors sell Raffle Tickets and Cookbooks to help pay for their camp expenses. If you know of anyone who would like to attend camp, please contact the State Coordinator of Junior Activities Anne Wick, at 979-263-5317. This is a good way for young boys and girls to experience a lot of challenges and it gives them an opportunity to make a lot of good friends along the way.

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Script Save® is a pharmacy discount program. It's no cost to you and your entire family, including pets. Your K.J.Z.T. membership can start saving you money on your prescription drugs today! ScriptSave® works for you whether you have health insurance or not. In addition to prescription savings, the ScriptSave® card also provides savings on vision care, hearing care, daily living products and diabetes care and supplies at participating pharmacies and businesses.

Since March 2003, our members have saved over $370,000 dollars with this program. To start saving, contact the State Office for the Fraternal's group number and visit to enroll.

For specific questions or assistance with your Prescription Drug Savings Card, please call the ScriptSave® customer care toll-free number at 1-800-700-3957.

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Catholic Family Fraternal Journal

The Journal is the Fraternal's bi-monthly newspaper. Your membership allows you to choose to be a recipient of this paper and keep in touch with other members and the fraternal itself. Read about upcoming society activities, junior achievements, and articles from the State Chaplain, State Junior Coordinator, Sales and Marketing Manager and Medical Advisor. Keep on top of any announcements, interest rates and new products. Enjoy recipes, prayers and celebrating new members. It's no charge to you and you can cancel it at any time.

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