Important Notes from Anne Wick State Co-Ordinator of Junior Activities

Hello Everyone!

Hope this New Year will find everyone healthy and ready to begin preparing for the events that are scheduled for the Junior Division. I would like to touch base with everyone on the information for the events that we have at this time.

District Meetings will be beginning very soon so Junior Directors, please encourage, the Juniors to attend, display their State project, and participate in their district meeting activities.

Camp Guardian Angel will be held again at the SPJST Education & Nature Center @ Cooper Farms in Ledbetter, Texas on Thursday afternoon, June 22nd, thru Sunday morning June 25th, 2017. The cost is $153.00. Additional charges are: $17.00 for the Rope Course, $18.00 for the Water Sports Activity. Active and Non- Active Junior Members age 7 thru age 17 can attend. We have reached our limit with the number of campers the camp can accommodate during the last year. If we reach the capacity again this year, after openings are filled, the rest of the campers will be put on a waiting list. Raffles tickets have been mailed out to the Junior Society so that the Juniors can begin selling tickets to help reduce some of the camp expenses. Raffle tickets can be sold together as a society, or have another fundraiser of your choice. Each Junior is asked to sell as many tickets as possible.

A very important REMINDER, all Junior Directors or anyone who is working with Juniors, must be certified under the Safety Environment of our Children Program within your Catholic Diocese.

The 2017 Junior Division Day and Awards Ceremony will be held in Shiner, Texas, on Saturday, July 29th, with Holy Mass at Sts. Cyril & Methodius Catholic Church followed by a reception at the Knights of Columbus Dining Hall. More information will be mailed to you and published in the Catholic Family Journal.

Societies who have not mailed in their Registration and Point & MerIt Forms, please do so as soon as possible. The deadline is February 1st. Also, now would be a good time to start mailing in your society reports and pictures of society activities for publication in the Catholic Family Journal.

For those of you who with an active society have some suggestions or ideas for a new direction for the Junior Division while maintaining traditions of our organization, please let me know. There is much work for us to do to keep the Junior Division going and it can only be by each one of us working together for the good of the organization.

For those of you who do not have an active society, and would like to start one, please let me know also. Catholic Family Fraternal of Texas - K.J.Z.T. supports its local groups. You can contact me at (979) 263-5317 or email me at annewick@gmail.com.

K.J.Z.T. Scholarships

Applications for Scholarships will be available November 1st.

To be eligible for a scholarship, an applicant must be a member in good standing for at least one year.

Scholarships are available to high school graduates who are planning to attend college or current college students. The fraternal also offers scholarships to members who are planning to attend or are currently attending a technical or vocational school full time.

A one time scholarship from the K.J.Z.T. Memorial Scholarship Fund is awarded to members who are not active in the K.J.Z.T. society registered Junior Division and its programs.

Members who are active participants in the Catholic Family Fraternal of Texas Junior Division and its programs of activities sponsored by an officially registered society can apply for additional scholarships each year for up to three years after the initial year has been completed.

Scholarship amounts are determined by the Board of Directors on the basis of qualifications adopted by the Board of Directors.

Immediate family members of the Board of Directors and State Officers are eligible for the Pavlu Memorial Scholarship, K.J.Z.T. Memorial Scholarship and K.J.Z.T. General Scholarship. However, they will not be eligible for the K.J.Z.T. Scholarship from the Junior Expense Account.

Students who qualify and are interested may make a written request for an application by mail, fax or email at info@kjzt.org.

Fraternal Alliance of Texas Scholarships

Established in 1948, the purpose of the Fraternal Alliance Of Texas is to coordinate the statewide outreach efforts of Fraternal Benefit Societies in Texas in cooperation with the American Fraternal Alliance.

The Fraternal Alliance Of Texas Scholarship Program is intended to recognize commitment to the fraternal ideal and to encourage and assist graduating seniors in furthering their education and helping them to achieve career goals. Two scholarships in the amount of $200 each will be awarded to graduating high school seniors belonging to the following fraternal benefit societies: Catholic Family Fraternal of Texas-K.J.Z.T., Catholic Life Insurance, Catholic Union of Texas (K.J.T.), Grand Court Order of Calanthe, Knights of Columbus, Modern Woodmen of America, Order of the Sons of Hermann, S.P.J.S.T., Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, Western Fraternal Life Association, Woodmen of the World/Omaha. Scholarship recipients may only be awarded one scholarship from the Fraternal Alliance Of Texas. Scholarships will be presented at the Annual Convention in October.

Eligibility Requirements

Scholarship applicants must: Be classified as a high school graduating senior or equivalent at the time of application. Have an active fraternal life insurance certificate in force for at least one year prior to January 1st, of the year in which the scholarship is being applied. Enter college in the fall term following the announcement of their award.

Application Instructions

Application must be completed and signed. SAT/ACT Scores: All applicants must submit an official verification of SAT or ACT scores. These scores should be submitted along with a current official high school transcript.

Congratulations 2015 Junior Division State Craft and Scrapbook Winners

Group A
1. Cierra Shaver - Society No. 5 Shiner
2. Levi Leonard - Society No. 14 Moulton
3. Veda Roach - Society No. 118 Taft
4. Vesta Roach - Society No. 118 Taft
5. Colby Custer - Society No. 118 Taft

Group 1
1. Payton Pustejovsky - Society No. 118 Taft
2. Paxton Pustejovsky - Society No. 104 Abbott
3. Will Gerik - Society No. 104 Abbott
4. Caylie Sebesta - Society No. 85 Damon
5. Ryan Pustejovsky - Society No. 104 Abbott

Group 2
1. Hunter Knight - Society No. 5 Shiner
2. Kaleigh Knight - Society No. 5 Shiner
3. Marisa Lander-Kapavik - Society No. 11 West
4. Bryce Givens - Society No. 21 Marak
4. Madison Murphy - Society No. 104 Abbott
5. Kyle Gerik - Society No. 104 Abbott

Group 3
1. Anna Adamek - Society No. 14 Moulton
2. Katy Harman - Society No. 23 Hostyn
3. Lauren Gerik - Society No. 104 Abbott
4. Kasi Schneider - Society No. 85 Damon
5. Chelsea Brothers - Society No. 4 Praha

Group 4
1. Amber Adamcik - Society No. 22 Wallis
2. Lauren Kulhanek - Society No. 22 Wallis
3. Noah Leist - Society No. 5 Shiner
4. Alex Acuna - Society No. 22 Wallis
5. Cameron Pavlicek - Society No. 85 Damon

1. Society No. 104 Abbott
1. Society No. 85 Damon
2. Society No. 118 Taft
3. Society No. 23 Hostyn

Junior Directors

Darlene Brothers - Society No. 4 Praha
Denise Leist - Society No. 5 Shiner
Sherri Zacharias - Society No. 11 West
Joyce Kurtz - Society No. 12 Sweet Home
Marlene Irvin - Society No. 14 Moulton
Alisha Ruffin - Society No. 16 Ennis
Lisa Stefek and Sandra Carpenter - Society No. 18 Granger
Debbie Vansa - Society No. 21 Marak
Audra Brorsen - Society No. 22 Wallis
Donna Janda - Society No. 23 Hostyn
Lari Samford - Society No. 42 Sealy
Stephanie Webb - Society No. 49 Needville
Linda Pavlicek - Society No. 85 Damon
Carrie Janecek - Society No. 101 Victoria
Molly Gerik - Society No. 104 Abbott
Deborah Kaspar - Society No. 115 Freeport
Vanessa Roach - Society No. 118 Taft
Melissa Brown - Society No. 126 Palacios
Natalia Montanez - Society No. 147 Richwood

Congratulations to 2016 Catholic Family Fraternal of Texas – K.J.Z.T. Royalty

State King Mark Pavlicek - Society No. 85 Damon
State Queen Rachel Givens - Society No. 21 Marak
State Junior King Trevor Fojtik – Society No. 85 Damon
State Junior Queen Peyton Prihoda - Society No. 85 Damon

1st Runner-Up to the King – Cameron Pavlicek – Society No. 85 Damon
2nd Runner-Up to the King – Caleb Tomek – Society No. 21 Marak
1st Runner-Up to the Queen – Kasi Schneider - Society No. 85 Damon
2nd Runner-Up to the Queen – Gracen Dach - Society No. 21 Marak

1st Runner-Up to the Junior King – Cade Hubnik – Society No. 21 Marak
2nd Runner-Up to the Junior King – Bryce Givens – Society No. 21 Marak
1st Runner-Up to the Junior Queen – Caroline Jetton - Society No. 85 Damon
1st Runner-Up to the Junior Queen – Claire Jetton - Society No. 85 Damon
2nd Runner-Up to the Junior Queen – Kenley Harris - Society No. 21 Marak

Society No. 4 Praha
Quade Brothers - Matthew Sylvester

Chelsea Brothers - Cole Brothers - Megan Brothers - Amy Koncaba – Chad Janicek - Chase Janicek

Society No. 5 Shiner
Seryna Garza - Hunter Knight - Kaleigh Knight - Kade Leist - Aimee Mitchon - Kaitlin Mitchon - Dallyn Pesek - Charlie Pilat - Gracie Pilat - Halle Pilat - Cierra Shaver - Conner Shaver

Eudosio Garza, IV - Trinity Garza - Krystin Hodges - Hope Kapavik - Katarina Leist - Noah Leist - Delynn Pesek - Angelette Siegel - Juliette Siegel - Nicolette Siegel

Society No. 11 West
Marisa Kapavik - August Plsek - Broede Smith
Ann Chapple – Nathan Chupik - Christopher Hovde - Nicolas Hovde - Claire Hutyra - Katie Hutyra - Natalie Hutyra - Mikayla Kaluza - Tanner Marak - Maverick Plsek - Noah Plsek - Lauren Scott - Roy Ward - Cameron Wolf - Coleman Wolf - Rachael Zacharias - Richard Zacharias

Society No. 14 Moulton
Jack Leonard - Levi Leonard - Julia Machacek – Sally Machacek

Anna Adamek - Grace Irvin - Ted Machacek

Society No. 16 Ennis
Casen Cline - Cooper Cline - Nash Ferguson - Kelsey Gamble - Eli Gilburt - Bennett Harrison - Caleb Houston - Carter Houston - Charlie Houston - Christopher Houston - Adelynn Liska - Marley Lytle - Lucas Matous - Madelyn Matous - Carleigh Rhodes - Carsyn Rhodes - Quinn Rhodes - Easton Ruffin - Hunter Ruffin - Jake Ruffin - McKenzie Tobola - Tinsley Tobola - Bayden Vitovsky - Ella Vrana - Kale Vrana - Kolton Vrana - Josh Williamson - Marti Williamson

Kate Chandler - Kyla Chandler - Klayton Gamble - Krystyn Gamble - Brennan Harrison - Hannah Harrison - C.J. Houston - Justin Hutyra - Carter Kriska - Hannah Kriska - Haley Kriska - KaLynn Long - Gabe Matous - Payton Matous - Brenden Ruffin - Katelyn Smith - Ashlyn Vitovsky - Aubrey Vitovsky - Avery Vitovsky

Society No. 18 Granger
Cash Hajda - Luke Stefek - Abby Carpenter - Daryl Stefek, Jr.

Jenna Carpenter - Dwayne Gaida - Caige Hajda - Callen Hajda - McKenna Stefek - Kurt Kaderka

Society No. 21 Marak
Adison Dach - Chase Hubnik - Cutter Hubnik - Claire Kopriva - Charles Mayer - Lauren Mayer

Katy Krenek - Ethan Krumnow - Megan Lopez - Erin Tomek - Elizabeth Trdy - Jazmin Vaculin - Mason Vaculin - Jared Vansa

Society No. 22 Wallis
Connor Brorsen - Jared Brorsen - Riley Jo Brorsen - Rebecca Colson - Joshua Ferguson - Stephaniah Phillips

Alex Acuna - Amber Adamcik - Payton Brorsen - Daniel Ferguson - Lauren Kulhanek - Sarah Kulhanek - Amanda Walger

Society No. 23 Hostyn
Zachary Janda

Katy Harman - Jacob Janda - Bethany Kallus

Society. 42 Sealy
Ellen Samford

Society. 47 Industry
Michaela Lyons

Society No. 49 Needville
Owen Kaminski - Michael Palermo - M'Lynn Palermo - Jailyn Webb

Amy Mikel - Racheal Reid - Jacob Webb

Society No. 85 Damon
Abigail Barton – Coy Cook – Taryn Fojtik - Adalyn Holik - Carter Ludwig - Chase Ludwig - Clayton Pavlicek - Eli Prihoda - Bernice Rodriguez - Kimberly Rodriguez - Martin Rodriguez - Emma Satsky - Caylie Sebesta - Seth Sopchak - Lillie Weber - Randy Weber - Kami Wilson

Allen Barton - Andrew Barton - Miles Buchta - Thomas Gordon - Chayton Herbst - Madison Krause - Mason Krause - Lindsay Morris - Delaney Orsak - Micayla Orsak - Ariet Pavlicek - Christopher Pavlicek - Clayton Pavlicek - Joseph Pavlicek - Tyler Prihoda - Ariana Selph - Tiffany Selph - Sara Sopchak - Sara Wleczyk

Society No. 101 Victoria
Hogan Bazan - Cullen Janecek - Griffin Janecek

Evan Janecek

Society No. 104 Abbott
Sarah Alexander – Kyle Gerik – Will Gerik - Ally Hanaway - Katie Hanaway - Quintin Kaska - Jocelyn Kolar – Madison Murphy – Addison Pustejovsky - Allison Pustejovsky - Grayson Pustejovsky - Keaton Pustejovsky - Mariann Pustejovsky - Molli Pustejovsky – Paxton Pustejovsky - Ryan Pustejovsky

Mallory Ballew - Lauren Gerik - Allison Murphy - Carly Pustejovsky - Emily Pustejovsky - Katelyn Pustejovksy - Lydia Pustejovsky - Payton Pustejovsky

Society No. 115 Freeport
Colin Berry - Elyse Conrad - Jonathan Janak - Brendel Pless - Bryleigh Pless - Evan Reed

Addie Berry - Carson Berry - Abigail Blaschke - Luke Blaschke - Kassidy Caruthers - Robert Conrad - Sophie Galvan - Triston Giesie - Jennah Janak - Tommy Janak - Kaley Kaspar - Karch Kaspar - Taylar Laughlin - Brittany Pless - Garrett Pless - Della Pustka - Erin Reed - Caroline Reese - Braden Reinecker - Morgan Reinecker

Society No. 118 Taft
Colby Custer - Easton DeVos - Wyatt DeVos - Michael Huf - Payton Pustejovsky - Braedyn Roach - Kayson Roach - Veda Roach - Vesta Roach - Grace Viertel - Grady Viertel

Sarah Hayek - Bridget Polasek

Society No. 126 Palcios
Rebecca Castanon – Veronika Castanon – Victoria Castanon - Mark Flores - Camille Hlavaty - Halston Hlavaty - Paisley Hlavaty - Addison Smith

Matthew Brown - Molly Brown – Daniel Castanon - Margaret Castanon - Patricia Castanon - Theresa Castanon - Breanna Linscombe - Dalton Linscombe - Collin Schraven - Lily Schraven

Society No. 147 Richwood
Adalyn Garza - Autumn Garza - Ava Garza