Careers at K.J.Z.T.

Life and Annuity Agent

What is Success? For many, it's a ful?lling, lucrative career where you work for something you believe in. It means a career where your life, your work, your values, and your goals are not in conflict; where you're in the right place at the right time, doing the right things for the right reasons.

That's what being a Catholic Family Fraternal of Texas agent is all about. It's about helping people in your community while you build your successful business.

Catholic Family Fraternal of Texas is not just life insurance and annuities. It is a non-profit corporation that returns their earnings from the sale of life insurance and annuities to our members and their communities in the form of numerous direct member benefits and support of the Catholic Church and also community service projects.

How do you benefit from that? Imagine representing a non-profit organization that is not out to see how much profit it can make at the expense of the policyholders, but rather by getting the word out that members actually benefit in many ways other than just insurance. CFFT is member-owned, like a mutual company, but it only starts there. Members enjoy meeting new friends, joining hands to help others, summer camp and scholarships for junior members, and much more. Buying life insurance is just the beginning!

So that is what we are - a different kind of life insurance organization! We are a fraternal benefit society committed to its members and representatives and the communities in which they serve since 1897.

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As a representative for CFFT, here's what you can expect: 

  • Excellent product portfolio
  • Life face amounts as low as $5,000
  • A variety of fixed annuities
  • Fully commissionable policy fees
  • Production bonuses paid monthly, quarterly and annually
  • Exciting incentive trips
  • Excellent Home Office support
  • Value added fraternal benefits
  • Vibrant Referral Program
  • Six month commission advance on bank draft premiums

Coverage is available to all Catholics and their Non-Catholic family members, as well as any extended family members related by birth or marriage, to any degree. Agents need not be Catholic to sell our products.

If you are interested in becoming appointed with CFFT, please complete this form: