Our History

It was the spirit of Christian love, and the desire to be of service to each other that brought about the founding of the first mutual aid society of Yoakum, TX in 1894 and soon became the Katolicka Jednota Zen Texaskych, affectionately referred to at the time as the K.J.Z.T. The organization is now legally known as Catholic Family Fraternal of Texas - K.J.Z.T.

April, 1894, Mrs. Anna Jakubik and Mrs. Marie Yurek met after attending Mass on a day that has become very important to all Members of The K.J.Z.T.

They visited with Reverend Father Francis Just to inform him of their interest in forming a mutual aid society for the Czech Catholic Women of the Parish. He gave them encouragement and when they asked him for assistance, he immediately wrote to the Union of Catholic Women of America in Chicago, Illinois to request a copy of By-laws which was received in May, 1894. The ladies began studying these By-Laws and seeking applicants for enrollment to the first mutual aid society in St. Joseph's Parish in Yoakum, Texas.

On the feast day of St. Ludmila, September 16, 1894, a group of the interested ladies met to organize the first Society. Those who attended this meeting in Yoakum were:

Anna Jakubik
Marie Yurek
Magdalena Prajer
Anastasie Peter
Marie Orsak
Katerina Svetlik
Klara Kutac
Terezie Laur
Marie Jares
Marie Brabec

Reverend Father M. Vaculik helped the ladies organize the first Society of Czech Catholic Women in Texas. This society was placed under the protection and patronage of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Reverend Father Vaculik was appointed Chaplain, Anna Jakubik was elected President and Magdalena Prajer was elected Recording Secretary.

K.J.Z.T. Presidents

Mrs. Loretta Stahl 2009 – present

Mrs. Lucille Ulcak 2006 – 2009

Mrs. Geraldine Nekuza 1992 – 2005

Mrs. Emma Jean Ribar 1987 -1992

Mrs. Benita Pavlu 1958 -1987

Mrs. Josefina Habarta 1930 -1958
back center in above photograph

Mrs. Marie Yurek 1905 -1930
front right in above photograph

Mrs. Anna Jakubik 1897-1905
front left in above photograph