About Us

About K.J.Z.T.

Catholic Family Fraternal of Texas CFFT – KJZT, is a Fraternal Benefit Society founded in 1894 by Czech Catholic women.  The original organizers of Katolicka Jednota Zen Texaskych the K.J.Z.T. sought new members only from their female, Czech, Catholic, neighbors living in Yoakum, Hallettsville, and surrounding communities in South Central Texas.  Today, more than a century after its founding, K.J.Z.T. offers membership to all Texans irrespective of gender or ethnic background.  

We are a different kind of life insurance organization! What makes us different? We are a Fraternal Benefit Society, which provides life insurance and annuities just like commercial companies, but that is where the similarities end!

CFFT is a non-profit corporation that returns its earnings from the sale of life insurance and annuities to our members and their communities in the form of numerous direct member benefits and also supports the Catholic Church and community service projects. We help the church, our community and our members, and we raise the money to do that through the sale of life insurance!

CFFT is Member-Owned! Profits go back to the member-owners in the form of lower premiums and higher returns and accumulations on our life insurance and annuity products.

How Do You Become a Member? Just take advantage of any of our financial products! Membership is open to individuals who support the missions of the Fraternal.

You are in the Club! CFFT members are not just a generic part of the organization; there are local Societies throughout Texas that you automatically belong to! Local societies donate time and money to their local Catholic Churches, volunteer fire departments, local charities, emergencies and causes. They meet monthly for fellowship and planning. Participation is voluntary, and it is fun!

Membership Benefits! Being a member means much more than just life insurance! Adult members take advantage of prescription discount plans, fellowship and the opportunity to become active in the community. In addition, Junior members (age 17 and under) also enjoy summer camp and scholarships.

Small But Strong! Not only do you get the sense of pride that goes with being part of something great, you also can rely on CFFT’s financial strength. With over $105 million in assets and a solvency ratio similar to or higher than the Leading 25 Life Insurers, members rest comfortably knowing their money is working hard for them, the Church and the community.